This isn’t just our job

It’s our obsession

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide clients with actionable information, capabilities, and context for our exclusive zero-day vulnerabilities.

Our Focus Areas

  • Identifying
    High-Risk Targets

    We focus on discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in software that accesses business-critical information. Enterprise backup software, browsers, and e-mail clients, to name a few.
  • Predicting
    Future Threats

    We develop private exploitation techniques in-house that exceed the demonstrated capabilities of today's malicious actors allowing our customers to prepare in advance for future threats.
  • Enabling

    We pride ourselves in supplying customers with tools to empirically prove or disprove claims made by defensive products. Our exploits are designed with evasiveness in mind.
  • Maintaining

    We’ve worked hard to build and maintain our team’s technical expertise. We often present results of our research at leading industry conferences.
  • Equipping

    We design our offerings such that our clients can digest the information regardless of their intended implementation.
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our strategic partners
  • Dapra
  • Syndis
  • Kyrus
  • Charles-River Analytics
  • NSS-Labs
  • EclecticIQ
  • Inquest
  • Kenna
  • Twistlock


Leadership Team

Logan Brown


Logan Brown

Logan is responsible for handling the business side of things at Exodus. While his background in film production may not have prepared him for his computer security career, he quickly got up to speed in 2008 and has since published and presented original research on reverse engineering, fuzzing, and vulnerability discovery. Although most of his time is spent with managerial tasks, Logan takes every opportunity to aid the team in developing cutting-edge exploitation techniques and research.
Alex Wheeler

Chief Scientist

Alex Wheeler

Alex specializes in software reverse engineering, code auditing, exploit development, and in next generation exploitation and evasion techniques. With over 15 years of real world security research, his experience includes security product pioneers such as Internet Security Systems Z-force R+D, TippingPoint DVI, Fortune 50 technology companies, as well as an extensive consulting background including Ernst & Young, and Accuvant. His skill is evidenced by world-wide industry recognition. Wheeler's public research received consecutive Pwnies awards for both "Best Server Side Bug" and "Best Client Side Bug". Alex's most notable public discoveries include default remote flaws in Microsoft's IP stack and systemic default remote flaws in ever top tier security vendor's server and client security products.
Peter Vreugdenhil

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Vreugdenhil

Peter started his own firm specializing in vulnerability discovery, analysis, and exploitation almost a decade ago. Since then, he has found innumerable high-impact vulnerabilities in widely used enterprise software, won the famous Pwn2Own hacking contest, and been acknowledged repeatedly by Microsoft for his assistance in securing their Internet Explorer browser. He is also known for having given lectures and taught training courses at prestigious conferences around the globe.