Exodus Intelligence

Detect the undetectable

"The threats that matter most are the ones you haven't seen before..." -Amit Yoran, RSA CEO

proactive vs. reactive

don’t wait for a patch

We inform our client of critical threats years before the public
(and attackers) catch wind of the vulnerability.
8 race begins
7 industry & attackers prioritize
6 PUBLIC informed
5 distribute to clients
4 document
3 exploit
2 analyze
1 discover

UP TO 2 years later

the zero-day becomes known

  • 06 Publicized
    The vulnerability details are made public due to the release of a vendor patch or the detection of an in-the-wild attack abusing the zero-day flaw.
  • 07 Prioritized
    Those responsible for implementing defensive measures must prioritize how to address the multiple vulnerabilities that are frequently patched in one release. Attackers also prioritize which flaws are ideal for exploitation.
  • 08 Race Begins
    Both malicious actors and those working to defend begin racing to develop and deploy a working solution. The problem is only one of these groups is constrained by a traditional work schedule.
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